WOS have been consistently and passionately supporting emerging female voices and giving creators the confidence and exposure they need to take the next step. I remember the table read for one of my short films, Given Your History, being so invaluable for the re-write process! Thank you WOS! We’re lucky to have you in our corner!
— Molly Mcglynn writer | director
Women On Screen provided me with a fantastic community of creators, the support and confidence to get my words on the page, my words read aloud and the mentorship I needed to tell my story effectively. My script has gone on to win industry awards and support and has been made into a film. It all started with WOS.
— Anna Hardwick, Actor | Writer
I can’t stop telling people about the Incubator! I am forever grateful to Women on Screen for the opportunity to develop my idea in a supportive environment with industry professionals guiding my way. The Incubator helped me connect with so many talented women in this business who have helped me tremendously. I’m honestly not sure where my pilot would be without the Incubator- most likely as a lonely, unsent file on my computer!
— Jessica Perkins, creator of My 90s Boyfriend
The WOS incubator gave me community. The women I met are beyond supportive, and inspire me to write more and write better. They are my friends, producing partners, and my go-to script editors. I can’t thank WOS enough for bringing them into my life.
— Emily Saso, author of The Weather Inside
Women on Screen is f***ing amazing. The incubator program provided super helpful information (that isn’t easy to find) about writing for web and TV. We all made invaluable contacts, got our work in front of working professionals in the industry, and the live reading was an important step in pushing our projects forward (and feeling like a Canadian celebrity for a hot second). I can’t thank WoS enough, these women are doing the Film & TV Lord’s work.
— Larissa Thomas, Co-creator of Allie & Lara Make a Horror Movie (web series)
Women on Screen provided me the tools and confidence to carry forward with my pilot script and it’s development. I’m so appreciative of this program and it’s coordinators and mentors- It’s an incubator that recognizes the strengths of women in writing and pushes them to tighten and specify their scripts. Thanks for the advice, encouragement and ongoing support.
— Ana Sani, writer
The Women On Screen Web Series Incubator rocked my world. The simulated writing environment and guidance from mentors was invaluable, and I left with an ongoing support system of other writers and creatives. It even lead to my first web series. Thank you Screen Women!
— Bronwyn Szabo, creator of CBC's Mixed Feelings
The Women on Screen organization have created an incredible community for all women in the business. Through the incubator series I was able to learn industry terminology and practices that are vital to creating in the professional world. I felt throughly supported and encouraged during the entire process.
— Caroline Concordia, Actor/ Creator of Anonymous Letter
The best part of Women on Screen’s Web Series Incubator program was being plugged in to an instant support network of fellow female creatives. I’ve stayed in touch with my group, and the feedback, knowledge sharing, and collaborations have been invaluable tools as I progress to the next level of my career.
— Jill Taylor, 2017 Austin Film Festival Sitcom Pilot Award Winner
I eagerly looked forward to the Women on Screen incubator every week - it was such an uplifting, creative and fun environment. Lauren, Farah and Ciara are great, and continue to be great, even after the completion of the incubator. It doesn’t matter how silly my question might be - their responses are always quick, insightful and encouraging. I wish I could participate in the incubator every year!
— Shetu Modi, Creator of "Jaya On Her Own” Writer/director/editor
The incubator was an amazing way to meet other writers and mentors in the industry. The workshop environment and live reads were invaluable.
— Natasha Backlin, writer
I absolutely loved being a part of Women on Screen. I learned so much from my peers and mentors and met people who now, four years later, I’m still collaborating with.
— Bronwen Keyes-Bevan
The Women on Screen’s incubator program was an amazing experience that gave me insightful feedback into my project. With the help of mentors, and fellow participants, I was able to create a project that has received funding from both the Ontario Arts Council, as well as the National Film Board, and is currently in post production. The work WOS does, continues to be a source of support and inspiration.
— Amanda Lo, Writer, Director and Producer of short film: Beware of Fault Lines