Episode 6 - Director/Writer Molly McGlynn - "Becoming the Thing"

This episode is proudly presented by The Directors Guild of Canada Ontario.

Molly McGlynn

Rising star Writer & Director Molly McGlynn has rocketed her way into the film and television world. She is one of the most in-demand directors in the Canadian landscape today. Along with her successes, she has been transparent in divulging the difficulties and countless rejections she has encountered along her path. In her personal essay “Becoming the Thing”, Molly speaks candidly of her experiences, tools for professional building and growth, and observations she has noted along the way.

Molly was the recipient for the 2019 Toronto Film Critics Association’s Stella Artois Jay Scott Prize for an Emerging Artist. She recently directed an episode of Speechless which will be airing on Jan 18th 2019 and is currently in prep to direct for Free Form TV’s Grown-ish.

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