Episode 4 - Composer Erica Procunier - "AI's and Music: Friend or Foe"

Erica Procunier

There are many elements to a film that resonate with an audience. Story, picture & performance all shape the emotional experience, and music & score is that final breath that can bring a film to life. Composer Erica Procunier, in her essay AI's and Music: Friend or Foe explores how modern technological changes are reshaping what it is to be an artist within the composition world. Reflecting on the role of artificial intelligence augmenting the creative process, Erica shares her thoughts on the career path of a composer in the fast-paced technological future. What is it that makes a piece of music human? Can an AI emulate the soul of an artist? Will economic pressures on productions still leave room for both AI and artist? Listen here for Erica’s insightful thoughts and hopes.

Upcoming, Erica was the sole composer for the new television series Little Dog Season 2 which will be premiering on CBC Thursday January 17th at 9:30pm. Recent work also includes the 2018 film The Dancing Dogs of Dombrova which had it’s World and Canadian premieres at the Auction Film Festival and the Whistler Film Festival. Erica’s original composition Precipice, which was featured in Toronto Nuit Blanche 2018, can now be streamed on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/28P2onXGbYIQ3LPyWFuKMt

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