Episode 9 - Executive Producer Marina Cordoni - "Climbing the Celluloid Steps to Success"

Marina Cordoni

Marina Cordoni is an industry proclaimed “dynamo”, and a self-proclaimed “hybrid and builder”, overseeing the vital stages of movie-making.  Marina’s work encompasses producer's representative, sales agent, executive producer, producer, mentor, and more; catering her vast skills to whatever each film and it’s maker requires. Reading from her essay, “Climbing the Celluloid Steps to Success”, Marina highlights the hurdles she has faced, what she learned once she reached the top, and the steps she took in an endeavour to re-discover the beat within her business-heart and soul.

Marina is about to head to the Berlin Film Festival with multiple feature projects in development, and her latest Feature Film “Never Saw It Coming” (Produced by Marina Cordoni and Directed by Gail Harvey) launches on CRAVE in Canada on Feb 8th. As well, her film “American Hangman” (which she Exec Produced) is out now across digital platforms in the US.

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